Trade with confidence and minimize financial risk

Our commitment to your export business

We provide a host of solutions to meet your international business requirements and safeguard your business by mitigating your trading risks and improving your ability to trade overseas. Our specialized export solutions are designed to offer both importers and exporters a degree of security from commercial risks, and are governed by the conventions of international trade.

Export Letters of Credit are a recommended solution if you are selling and you want to ensure payment for your goods, especially if you are dealing with a new market, country or trading partner.

Loydes Bank  Fund for Development have recently signed a cooperation agreement to support national exports and help the exporters to compete in foreign markets by confirming letters of credit which guarantees payment if your buyer’s bank defaults.

We provide comprehensive services for the handling of LCs in your favour routed by your buyer bank through Loydes  such as;

  • Efficient service for advising and settlement of export LCs
  • Confirming the export LCs from foreign banks across the globe
  • Customized financing / discounting solutions to improve your company’s cash conversion cycle
  • Guidance on terms and conditions of LCs relevant to each situation and processing of documentary presentations thereunder
  • Provide improved levels of service and turnaround time